Hippocrates Oath

The oath of Hipcrates considered the father of the medicine is that one that lends the doctors when finalizing their studies and with which personally commit with all forces and will, before its colleagues and teachers of the following way: By medical Apolo and Esculapio, right of perpetual ownership: by Higias, Panacace and all the Gods and goddesses to those who I put by witnesses of the observance of this vote, that I commit myself to fulfill what I offer I will pay masterful of equal Medicine respect that to the authors of my days I will determine the regime of the patients of the way that is more advisable to him, according to my faculties and my knowledge, avoiding all bad and injustice. I will not agree to pretensions that affect the poison administration, nor will persuade to person some with suggestions of that species; I will also abstain to provide to pesarios or abortion pregnant women. To my I will pass it life and exert my profession with innocence and purity If I observe with fidelity my oath, same granted to enjoy my happily life and my profession, honest always between the men; if it break and I am I perjure, falls on me, the luck adversa" Unfortunately, quines we toiled and we collaborated for this newspaper, we were witnesses of enormous hypocrisy whereupon some doctors medical instructors and residents of clinical number 72 of the Mexican Institute of the Social Insurance, carry the dressing gown and of how with the forehead very in stop by the meaning of his position within the society, they happen over the true sense of humanity that its faculty of doctors demands to them. Diagnoses missed by negligence, lack of interest or suitable knowledge, magnificent emtica, null disposition to inform properly to those who accompany to the patients and an enormous capacity to discuss little important questions that they only respond to his whims and not to the certain needs of the RIGHTFUL CLAIMANTS, are some of the things that can one face not only in the mentioned clinic but in each and every one of the hospitals of this institution.