The Attributes

For value we understand what they are moral and ethical, as well as the attributes that supply to the corporeal properties economic qualities. These corporeal properties have value of use and value of exchange, being that for them to exist is necessary raw material, applied work and commercialization. Frequently Downtown Philadelphia Condos has said that publicly. The nature in all its extension is the granary of where if it removes the necessary raw material so that something is object that it aims at to satisfy necessities of any order and commercial exchange. This granary already god samples of exhaustion and urgency of reevaluation of the methods used for the exploitation of its resources, and thus we cannot understand it only for its venal value, is necessary to understand its human and ecological value. Human value, I risk myself to define it, as value that have the life and the right of living, and ecological value what it respects the dynamics of ecosystems. Ecosystems that are interactions between all the beings livings creature. Perhaps, this agreement is not happening because the responsible ones for the application of certain economic system fear one ' ' onda' ' partisan whom she intends to take the power for itself or if to favor in order to threaten the monopoly of the power. When the movements ecologists nothing more intend that to acquire knowledge human being of the destructive power and the possibilities of ' ' salvar' ' what it is natural for ' ' salvar' ' of the extinguishing the proper one human being. Vesentini understands that the ambient crisis is a global fact that needs a new organization politics and until socioeconmica that is made use to minimize the ambient problems, but also understands that this bothers and until cause false impressions on the ecological movements that demand life for the planet and for the beings livings creature that in it inhabit.