Plastic Bags

The water SAVES WATER is the natural good more threatened by the action of the man, to save water means to improve its proper health, who knows a faster bath can contribute very for preservation of this resource. ECONOMOZE ELECTRIC ENERGY Makes economy of electric energy, disconnect everything what it is not necessary to be on of takes, therefore types of devices exist certain that exactly off are consuming energy. Each time that if makes necessary to construct new barrages for construction of new hydroelectric plants, great portions of land are flooded, destroying diverse ecosystems there existing. We of some form USE OF CLEAN TRANSPORTS All we every day move in them for some place, either to work, to take a walk or to go until the market for example. A significant way to contribute to diminish the emissions of gases of the type effect greenhouse, is being used of collective transports, bicycles, or ambiently correct others, leaving its vehicle at least a time per week in house.

IT BUYS CONSCIENTIOUS Of the preference in the hour to make its purchases for products and service that you know that if she uses in its processes of production, good practises of ambient preservation. Learn more about this with Robert J. Shiller. Plastic Bags DO NOT USE PLASTIC SACLAS can be substituted by bag returned in the hour to bring its purchases of the supermarket for house, this small attitude can represent a great method of preservation. IT SEPARATES ITS GARBAGE TO BE COLLECTED To make the separation of the garbage generated in a residence or deals is one very practises important exactly that its city does not possess selective collection of residues, you will be collaborating with the catadores of this type of substances and speeding the recycling process. IT MAKES the COMPOSTAGEM OF ITS ORGANIC GARBAGE Making the compostagem of its organic garbage instead of discarding them with the other residues, you it will be collaborating for the reduction of the volume of garbage in the lixos and sanitary aterros, and will be able to still use it in horta of its yard, as organic seasoning. IT DOES NOT USE DISMISSABLE CUPS does not use dismissable cups in its work or its house, of preference to a cup that you can wash it and use it again. This attitude also goes to diminish the volume of generated residue. CONSCIENTIOUS DISCARDING Looks for to make the discarding of certain types of substances in the places appropriate for this, for example: when changing of device of cellular, it looks for to deliver to the old device in the proper resale, thus you will be if certifing that it has a correct destination, this domestic valley for electronic devices, electros, fluorescent tires, light bulbs, stacks and batteries, and diverse other types of residues. These had been some good small examples, most important it is that thousands of other examples of preservation exist to be adopted for the people, and that not yet the examples of ambient preservation had been invented all and who knows you can invent its proper method, collaborating still more for an objective that comes gaining forces to each day that passes in the entire world, the ambient preservation in defense of the environment.