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Summer time is real estate – sunny days now use Luneburg, 24.05.2011 – if now make your first warm day again lust on the garden or balcony, also the pleasure to look now for a house or a new apartment increases with many real estate buyers. So, Karsten Assmann-Funk, owner of A-F real estate in Luneburg, again finds a noticeably increasing supply in the local real estate market since mid-February. Thus goes hand in hand, that the number of prospective buyers still continues to best conditions so, to sell a real estate right now as the owner. So the local paper for the Luneburg Heath quoted on the 06.5.2011 from a study that already demand exceed supply for affordable housing, it will significantly increase up to the year 2025. And the new press (Hanover) also referred to the 11.4.2011 on a survey of the Association of the housing and real estate industry, which in Lower Saxony, Germany, in particular Luneburg count among the winners. So while in the wet and cold autumn and winter months hardly someone on a moving feels like and prepare many people already on the cozy Christmas days, are now the ideal time to real estate purchase the warm spring and summer months.

About the 36-year old Luneburg broker recommends potential real estate sellers now soon to take the implementation in attack, to take advantage of favour of warm days because that can affect positive price and marketing period. A bonus tip: just in the summer months a well-tended plot of land constitutes much and can be the decisive criterion for a prospective buyer to decide just for your property. It is worthwhile, for the upcoming real estate sales to keep the lawn green and to plant a few fresh flowers, because just the little things often have a large effect. Who wants more information on the topic of real estate sale and purchase, 04131 / 999 30 85 available is the A-F real estate like phone. Author of this press release A F real estate your Realtor for Luneburg and surroundings owner Karsten Assmann radio Bahnhofstrasse 7 21337 Luneburg Tel. 04131 / 999 30 85 about A-F A-F real estate homes is a young real estate agent for Luneburg and surroundings, founded in 2010 by Karsten Assmann-Funk. As an independent and owner-managed companies A-F real estate can act especially individually for their customers. As A F real estate to any Bank, building society or sales organization is bound, can she be controlled and fair advice and so for their customers achieve the optimal result regardless, whether the customers sell a real estate, buy, rent or rent to.