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The truth, that time has been one of the scientific matters more complicated and less studied since ancient times. For Einstein, the past, present and future can be compared among themselves by applying the theory of restricted relativity, but this determinism imposed by Einstein himself is lost on indeterminista view of quantum mechanics, so that the future has a dimension of opening different from the vision of the past is known, that American and British scientists who conducted research in Antarcticamade a sensational discovery. Brings us gnosis, that time has been one of the scientific issues more complicated and less studied since ancient times. Scientific British estadounidensesy who conducted research in Antarctica, made a sensational discovery. Mariann McLein us physics.UU.

He told how researchers noticed something grey fog by turning in the sky above the pole that they believed It was an ordinary sandstorm. However, gray fog did not change in shape and not moved in the course of time. Said, researchers decided to investigate the phenomenon and launched meteorological unglobo with equipment capable of recording the speed of the wind, temperature and moisture in the air. But the weather balloon soared and disappeared immediately. In a short time, researchers brought the weather balloon back to tierracon the help of a rope attached to the above.They were extremely surprised to see that a timer placed on the weather balloon showed the date of January 27, 1965, i.e. the same day forty years ago. The experiment was repeated several times after the investigadoresencontraron that the equipment was in good condition. But everytime I went back the clock showed one last time. The phenomenon is called the door of time and reported to the House Blanca.Hoy is in progress the investigation of the unusual phenomenon. It is assumed that the Rotary crater about the South Pole is a tunnel that enables to penetrate at other times.