Understanding Real Estate

What is the "REAL" The concept of real estate can be metaphorically represented as five blocks, four of which reflects its physical structure (ground or surface area, all of underground facilities, including minerals, all above-ground facilities and airspace), and a fifth – or a set of legal content of property rights. In developed countries, real estate – the most important part of national wealth, accounting for its significant share, about 50%. Without the real estate market can not exist a market economy as the labor market, capital markets, goods and services and other markets for its existence must have or rent respective properties. The concept of "real estate" in modern Russia entered into active practice turnover is relatively recent, namely, since 1991, when the general public has been eliminated ownership of real estate, and began the privatization process. Further development of the real estate market in Russia is crucial to improving the overall economic situation in the country. As economists say: ownership of the property – the primary foundation of freedom, independence and dignity of all people, something that caters to a variety of personal needs of people with one hand and, on the other hand – generates income to the owner. Source: news-house.ru