The Human

This idea is the one that truly can scare at first. That extraterrestrial beings not very evolved are those that are playing small small wars with the humans. That idea is the one that can prevent the amount of latent information in each one of the adhenaicoscos codes that the human being carries to wake up his human inherent divinity. But not you preocupeis. We are already many those that we have accepted this information and there are not ” muerto” of the scare.

At the outset he is a little startling but later it has an overwhelming logic, apart from which you begin to divertirte of little usual forms. Something that has the reptilianos is that they bring about a sense to you of tremendous humor. They make you laugh of unsuspected ways. At heart, enchants the game more to them and. In summary, thousands of reptilianos telpatas in the crossed one of the blue serpent work. They call thus it. Groups and reduced sub-groups are divided in to handle and to manipulate weak minds and weak egos. They work very subtly and with the densidad of all the bodies that takes to the human being how much more unconsciousness, more work on the other hand.

How much more conscience, disappears more of your vibracional field. I know that some could be scared with these last affirmations but I have the good news. If you are totally conscious or you begin to choose consciously, I assure to you that you are going to have allies that never you could have imagined. The allies of the light or galactic advice of light are another universe aside.