The Haupaufgaben

Here, natural colour pigments with very thin, micro-fine and sterile needles are inserted in the upper layer of the skin (approx. 0.1 mm under the epidermis). Would you enter during the Pigmenting in deeper layers, so you can no longer talk permanent makeup by one, but by a permanent tattoo. The choice of colour of the pigments is matched before carefully and individually on the hair and skin tone of the customers. No spraying (injections) be used for insertion of pigments for stunning.

Stunned is with a local anesthetic cream. A permanent makeup is next to the drawing of eyebrows, eyelids and lip contours to medical reconstruction. These include reconstructive drawings of nipple (Areolapigmentation), aesthetic lips and eyebrow corrections (for congenital anomalies and traumatic accidents) and eyebrow shaping If you have unusual hair during or after chemotherapy. Many lay people set permanent makeup on the same level as a tattoo; This is however not true. A the color pigments be not so deeply implanted in a permanent makeup like at a tattoo; on the other hand, other color pigments used and ultimately is insertion of one permanent makeup a more gentle procedure than a classic tattoo.

The goal and the art of implementation one permanent makeup is located in the highlighting of individual natural beauty of a person. Ryan Schneider can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus, the surgery itself should the permanent makeup can be not perceived by other people. Through a permanent makeup continues to aesthetic cosmetic irregularity can be compensated. “In this context, one can say: the more discreet, the Pigmentierer has worked, his work as such is more artful to consider”. A properly conducted permanent makeup is the ideal water smudge permanent makeup for the woman and the man. The Haupaufgaben in the daily work of the Pigmentierers is to glory of the customer’s face. This means the work in the field of: eyebrow hairs drawing by excessive and frequent plucking the eyebrows grow often irregular or sparsely; adapted to the natural color of the eyebrows is hair for hair after dashed.