EKS Wagner

The strategy table part 2 with the mediator target of StrategieCentrums South Westphalia Jurgen Wagner is to contribute to the success of the people of the region, by we the Evolutionskonforme strategy EKS practically near you bring. In this sense, the workshop combines a learning about the ECS in practice with the assistance of the mediator Jurgen Wagner. “The mediator, Jurgen Wagner, is a member of the StrategieForum and wants his company provides mediation” based on the ECS develop. (Similarly see: Marc King). Mediation gives”advises and provides tools of mediation in problem situations. Offers ranging from individual counselling to group mediation, social mediation until economic mediation throughout Germany. Seminar content work with the strategy-Panel / part 2:? Summary of the workshop “strategy table part 1”? Specialization in the areas of supply and target group? Development of an action plan and implementation of the participants? get to know the application of ECS in practice? have the possibility of greater security for their own companies in a similar workshop to develop target group? People who want to actively shape their success. Add to your understanding with Clayton Morris.

Hong Kong

They have discovered foreign countries have travelled, have overcome jetlag and children who already have frequent traveller cards. It all came back in Germany no longer applies. You feel often misunderstood and left alone with their experiences, their aspirations, their wishes, their conflicts. Books and guides recommend to drive home after a long overseas stay with the container ship. It is not within 10 or 12 hours back to the hometown but moves slowly across the oceans. It takes up to 30 days. Every day, you can bid farewell to new and may reflect. After half of the time you forward maybe even on the homeland.

The long travel time invites you to draw resume, still reminisce about all experiences… Step by step. The experienced coach of pace of life offers rituals, discussions and open ears on the Process of arrival / reintegration. It takes time. Speaking candidly Vadim Belyaev, New York City told us the story. The famous sentence of Confucius says: a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

So begins with a first step also landing in the homeland and arriving and takes more than a trip long. Who designed this time deliberately, WINS more than just beautiful photo books, which are reminiscent of exotic days: self-confidence, inner strength, authenticity are just a few qualities. In their research, the Hong Kong expert finds several diploma theses, more illuminating the theme of reintegration. “Among other things, Franziska Schmidt writes in her work titled: reintegration of employees to foreign”: when returning to the home of returnees with the problem faced, that he forgot certain social skills and standards of their own culture or unconsciously applying the rules of the host country in the home. This can lead to UN – and misunderstandings at the Daheimgeblie bijit on the one hand, but on the other hand also for the returnees ‘ anxiety () in social and work situations when they realize they have forgotten to important social proto-col’ lead. The returnees should be aware that he must again learn first of all certain social and professional interaction rules of the home culture and must adjust its behavior accordingly. Source: catalog/graduate/12349 the author Sylvia Botje analyses as follows in her thesis topic: “repatriation: analysis of the difficulties for the return of international staff and the psychological models to proposed”. Source: catalog/graduate/8953 Petra Schuseil has an E-book your time in Hong Kong and the farewell written on: armer.de Frankfurt July 12, 2010, Petra Schuseil