Telephone Conversations

Continuing the theme of wiretapping of telephone conversations, mind you, in a previous article we discussed the first of our models of phone radiozhuchkov. Resembling only for stationary telephone we have three models 1) scutes, you can listen to telephone conversations MT01, which is connected to a telephone line in parallel and transmits acoustic information over the air MT01 2) Radio transmitter TR01 (we consider in this paper in more detail, but slightly later), allowing eavesdrop on conversations in the room where the telephone is installed, as well as their own telephone conversations 3) Telephone TU2 ear, whose job is eavesdropping room through phone's microphone (we touch on in more detail in another article) So, the phone radioretranslyator TR01 transmission range of acoustic signal is not large relative to worm and is only 150 meters to the line of sight, but keep in mind. That the emphasis in Scheme of radio transmission device is made and not at a distance. Bug TR01 is connected to a telephone line and is powered by it. His course as a transmitter MT01 can be integrated in the phone itself. Clayton Morris contributes greatly to this topic. Principle Work is not a big deal: the on-hook, the phone works like scutes TR01 wiretapping rooms, and when raised goes into podslushki calls. Signal transmission occurs by radio and made in the case of conventional radio receiver on a simple (FM frequency), and in case spetschastotnogo options – a special receiver, respectively (it is also possible we buy – not problemma). Microphone sensitivity lets you control rooms up to 50 square meters. As always, a little about the technical characteristics: Range (m) *: 150 Current consumption (mA): 5 Power supply (Volt): 9-60 Dimensions (Mm): 40X10H10 range: -10 C to +40 C Operating frequency (MHz): 96-98 Power: telephone line transmission frequencies can be adjusted more on our website

Church Of Scientology Has Summed Up Results Of 2010

Last Saturday, the business center 'Grand Alatau' Church of Scientology held in Almaty festive event dedicated to summing up the expansion of Scientology in 2010. More than a hundred Scientologists gathered at this event. According to tradition, the guests were shown a film with a celebration of New Year, held at Los Angeles International Church of Scientology. In this film, were also covered the results of social campaigns sponsored by the Church to combat drugs, crime, the decline of moral values in society and low levels of education. Overall, 2010 was the most significant in terms of expanding Scientology. In 2010, thanks to campaigns to improve society, based on the technology of Scientology founder L.

Ron Hubbard, were able to help over 6.7 million people and clergy in voluntary Scientology Total spent about 2 million hours, providing assistance and comfort to those in need in 185 countries. Now the world has more than 9,000 Scientology churches, missions and groups, and the total floor area of over 1.15 million square meters. At present, distributed over 92 million copies of books and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard in 2005 – the beginning of the full restoration of the Scientology scripture. The Internet is represented by the Church of Scientology mega-site in 15 languages, where you can get acquainted with Scientology beliefs and practices, to find answers to frequently asked questions about Scientology and view more than 200 videos in the 'Meet Scientologist '.

In 2010 about 34.8 million people visited this site, which is more than 95 000 people a day. It is also worth noting that public service announcements that were released with the support of the Church of Scientology, has obtained 37 international awards and the books of L. Ron Hubbard are 54 awards, including "For publishing skills', which in 2010 was awarded to the book 'Introspection'. In 2011, the expected even greater global expansion Scientology, including discovery of new ideal organizations around the world.