World Network

All we evolve and move forward, consciously or not, what will happen and what will be the end result. So for decades the World Network of absorbing new members and today they number more than 1.5 billion people around the world. However, the Internet serves as the basis for the development of information society, which certainly brings new opportunities, the potential for the formation of society as a center for solutions issues of common issues and problems. Many people use the network to obtain information about the person they are interested and placed their opinions on the basis of the search results. But, if we consider the situation of the individual personality, with typical criteria? Everyone has the right to privacy of personal life, in the broadest sense of the word. But what is happening today in the Internet? Passport data? – Please.

Story about you as law-abiding citizen – family income, taxes paid, as well as information about your property? – Please. Yes, you can certainly talk about this issue, it is our reality today and it did not do, and it's all about the mentality of our society. But if you think about the ultimate goal? … Further details can be found at james king, an internet resource. Let's solve the problem individually, and in the future it will come together for a general result. Based on our capabilities and your desire, we can make a fundamental approach in the management of personal information online. Find out everything about you is available on the Internet, and if necessary remove any objectionable content. Do not let Internet destroy your reputation. Visit the project 'Protecting Reputation', to find out more: you 'for' or 'Against' privacy on the Internet?