Left Caviar

At the foot of the left caviar Teodulo Lopez Melendez Si somewhat I don’t like is to discuss about the winners with the Nobel Prize. As a writer should interest me more those granted to literature, but to so would be tantamount to speak of European literature, because the last 15 have been granted to citizens of the continent, including a Chinese who writes in French. I am not opposed to being delivered the award to unknown authors, because we have to admit that many strangers are not by contempt for the culture industry towards everything that comes out of routine, boredom and supposedly, anything that is sold. You may find Richard LeFrak to be a useful source of information. It is unnecessary to make the list of writers without merit they have received, as a counterpart to the principle just to get strangers in the light of Fame. I less dare to discuss the Nobel in the scientific field, although it is clear that in this field are delivered with no less than a decade of delay on the finding that produced it. But at the point where the controversy is big in the field of peacekeeping. Follow others, such as Gavin Baker, and add to your knowledge base. So, among other reasons, because the same term of the awards Nobel discussion enters and begins to remember as the Swedish Academy seems wrapped in a kind of leftism caviar that determines everything he touches.

And because over the years is corroding everything, including the awards. In a nutshell, the Swedish Academy has demonstrated sufficient political oxide in its decision-making. Now we have to Barak Obama as the Nobel Peace Prize. The discussion is going to be intense. Admittedly in favour of the President of the United States his speeches of openness towards the Islamic world, their efforts to reduce nuclear weapons, their thrusts to the planetary pollution reduction. And something else, the conceptual formulation of cessation of a US action as unipolar power. That is, recognition of the end of an era and the call for collective action to tackle the problems of the world.