Facility Management

In business, facilities management is the management of the buildings and their services. Services are usually divided into hard services and soft services. The first include tasks such as ensure air conditioning of a building operates in a legal, safe, reliable and efficient way. At the soft services find activities such as sure to make the cleaning of the building regularly, and monitor the work of contractors (e.g., builders, electricians). The term facility mangement is similar to the management of property, but often applies only to large properties or commercial properties in which the management and operation is more complex. Some of these aspects can be maintained with advanced data management software. Facility Management is a discipline that encompasses various areas to ensure and manage the best performance of buildings and their associated services, through the integration of people, spaces, processes and the technologies of real estate.

This profession He began to be recognized relatively recently, beginning to have importance in the market leading organizations. In most companies these days has been fully integrated into their policies and strategies. The profession was born in the U.S. and came to Europe via England, passing through Norway and Northern Europe to get to Asia and Africa. According to the European norm is defined as the management of buildings and services support. All organizations, public or private, use property, assets and services associated with them, to support its main activities; through the coordination of these assets and services, using her experience in management and introducing changes in the areas of the organization. Facility Management provides its expertise to act in a dynamic way and comply with all the requirements. This management is also performed to optimize costs and operating both real estate and services. It’s a little rooted profession, there are still few managers real in buildings and, therefore, no costs are optimized. But, little by little, it will increasing the degree of concern on these aspects by the owners, that every time they are more involved in the life of the building and who seek greater control and resource optimization, reducing unnecessary process costs, while maintaining the quality level and the proper functioning of the organization.