The Environment and Our Planet

We live in times of dilemmas, discussions and various conclusions about the future of the planet in half the prophecies, theories and concepts that involve a number before any widespread fear by the end of the world and the resources we need in economic life and in the process guarantee the survival of societies. The big question of the moment revolves around how we can change the concept of wealth now present in the various sectors of modern society. The bigger issue is how we create alternatives to the escalating cycle of production and utilization of resources without settling with the natural elements and cause ecological chaos. In the midst of these discussions has increasingly emerged ideas that lead to a new development model that is not exploitative and seek to develop a course of respect for the environment and the dynamics of nature. There are several alternatives of a new logic of human behavior in relation to the environment because we need to vehemently challenge of rampant consumerism and pick up a new model exploitation of natural resources that are certainly suitable for a process of reduction of environmental insults and the frenetic pace of exploitation of nature. It is urgent that we be responsible citizens for a better and more appropriate the lives of beings who inhabit this planet. It is urgent to change behaviors and develop educational measures in all sectors of society do we live with that entity with components of various ecosystems. If you would like to know more about Stephen M. Ross, then click here.

The modern capitalist world I was characterized as extremely predatory and degradation generator and loved biomes found in them. The dominant logic of achievement in our society today greedily reaches our environment and leaves a trail of destruction and reflections that greatly influence the quality of life of the inhabitants of the planet and has caused great concern for individuals regarding health problems, air , pollution of all levels and endless processes of dilemmas that can promote himself questioning the economic model now prevalent in modern society. It is urgent that we believe alternatives to a development process that is creating equal opportunities for all and manages less waste, less environmental degradation and fewer problems. On the environmental debate today is vital in all sectors of society so that we can choose an alternative model of economic development that seeks to generate equal opportunities for growth of profits generated by the technology and are tuned to the improvement process life of all beings that inhabit our planet. The environmental vision is a task that needs to be developed in all social groups to enable a world view that gives individuals the certainty that we will have a better and fairer world for all. It is increasingly important that our society support and develop educational process for a new model of living that reduce waste, questions the descartabilidade, promotes environmental action and is a creator of new visions of the world where the environment is part of all actions in the public and private sector. Environmental education should be encouraged at all levels of society and should promote environmentally correct attitudes for the good of the world and the beings that live in it.