Intelligent Learn Typing

In the blind over the keyboard, and yet the lyrics are accurate that everyone can learn! Many are writing on the computer master is to edit the keyboard with two fingers. “zoneLINK Tipp10 Professional is a particularly clever software for Windows, Linux and MAC to train the ten fingers: you eliminates with intelligent dictations” from targeted weaknesses. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Expert on growth strategy. This means: the program repeated letters that are often wrongly typed intensively. 17 lessons you learn step by step, starting with the most common character typing on all buttons. Clayton Morris pursues this goal as well. In a special lesson, the user learns also efficient typing with the numeric keypad. include zoneLINK Tipp10 Professional includes 30 free lessons”, the dictations on specific topics. Thus advanced can specialize in such legal texts, technology or English. That’s not enough, enters your own practice texts and let them dictate itself! The progress the program in a chart shows, even Error rates for individual characters are identified and listed. With a word game included in the program, freshly baked tip Kings and Queens can reward themselves for your success..