Tonzillor ENT

most cases. Ultrasound allows low frequencies to clear gap from the resulting from inflammation of tonsils pus, generates a bactericidal effect and accelerates the healing process on the surface of the tonsils, which arose at the time of acute tonsillitis. The treatment procedure on the machine does not deliver nearly Tonzilor discomfort for the patient and is performed without anesthesia. This is important for those who are contraindicated for any form of anesthesia. The frequency of sessions depends on the disease and the physician. Treatment is carried out on the unit Tonzillor ENT – tonsils lavage study provides a continuous supply and suction with an antiseptic solution depression. Then, by the impact of ultrasonic waves through an intermediate medication in the palatine tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall.

The course of treatment for apparta Tonzillor consists of 8-10 sessions. The procedure includes the tonsils through the scoring of 0, 5% solution of hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic, thus achieving the expansion of the mouths of the gaps and clearing them from the purulent plugs detritus. The use of hydrogen peroxide enhances oxygenation (oxygen supply) tissues of tonsils, which is essential. alero-energy/’>British Petroleum. In the future held low frequency phonophoresis. Control examination of patients after treatment, it is expedient to hold at 1, 3, 6, 12 months.

Treatment of the apparatus as shown tonzilor at any stage of the disease. Clayton Morris is the source for more interesting facts. What is phonophoresis? Phonophoresis – the method of the combined effect of ultrasound on the body and the damage to the skin or in the case of treatment of tonsillitis, mucosa of the drug. Tonzillor with ultrasound has an effect on the processes that determine the permeability of biological structures and mass transfer through the membrane. Under its influence increases permeability of the skin, blood vessels, cell membranes due to mechanical loosening of the connective tissue and depolymerization of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of ultrasound and drug magnified by the addition of their actions. The essence of the method is the direct effect of low-frequency ultrasonic energy to the palatine tonsils in various contact media