TV Entertainment

Seven decades already go since the Television (TV) entered our lives and in this time it has evolved of way like which before a luxury of a few families was considered nowadays is integrated to the daily life of practically the majority of the homes at world-wide level. The TV happened to be essential part of our newspaper to live. The news, sports, films, programs, novels, entertainment, in aim practically everything what we needed to relax after an arduous day of work we found it in the comfort of our home in the TV. Better even though they invented the remote control and we did not have to rise to us of the furniture to be able to change the channels, is the technology always changing for our comfort. Decades later the function of the TV was diversified, from the massive exposure of the telecommunications like political campaigns, sports, to channels of purchase and so of fashions Realty Shows (real programs). This necessity of the consumers by the television and what this us it offers placed to the line communication companies TV and Satellite in a very advantageous position exceeds we its clients, to the point to acquire a faithful monthly payment to us in exchange for satisfying our necessity with entertainment and almost addictive relaxation. Here it is where they begin to establish ca, gos and tariffs for Basic programming, tariffs for package of Premium channels, tariffs for package of channels Platinum, tariffs for events Pay-Rep-View, monthly cost of the equipment, tariffs for channels of sports and everything what it was happened to them to flood his capitalist coffers even more. For a long time we were tied to a little beneficial model (economically speaking) comparing it with the bonanza in gains that were having these companies. But as always, the time brings evolution, the clients of the TV also are more demanding in the programming who want to see and that takes to the improvement of the technology, products and prices.