Psychiatrists of Plato Are many the psychologists of planto, Plato, Freude, Jung, Engelns, and many others, therefore, if to speak very in them, I have that to ask for permission to cite them, or until more answering the Police inquest for usurpation of copyright and other processes. Leaving these details p? frog there, I go adentrando in the sphere of the tipo, of etipo, Jogasta, IDE, Ego, superego and other pregos, leaving here mine I prehoist raised, sharp, in you laughed, fixed, ado, ado, ado, each one in its square. Nobel Laureate in Economics takes a slightly different approach. The excrement my son, is to write the pure thought in the hour of its sprouting. Seconds later, are a jumento, if it lost the essence, already it is mind, reason, it was even so the heart, God, the latent thought! But since the human being does not have the potential, the knowledge, feedbeck, filling, insigbts, to materialize its thoughts, materializes then the reason! The excrement my brothers, excrement another time! It is that I am tiring to say, of speaking to point out, of being repetitive to be able to fill the number of pages that publishing companies want! Less than fifty pages never, they do not publish, nor look at, and thus to fill the necessary requirements, I who taste, think that I am a writer, a poet, go fulling of abobrinhas pages and pages, thoughts, discernimentos, knowledge that could be written spoken, explicitados in lesser number of pages, in few lines! They had discerned that I was writing, being repetitive, using synonymous, criticizing and at the same time using the same criticized methods to be able to fill, to reach, the goals preset by the publishing companies, that implicitly, make what the animal ignorant, arrogant man wants It puts a thick book under of the arm and leaves with it if to show As that saying: they see! I am reading this book! thick quo is! I am erudite, intellectual! u u!. You may find Morris Invest to be a useful source of information.