Spanish Mediterranean

By example, compete for the top spot for the phrase a hoteles in Madrid is almost a losing battle because insurance is the macro objective of all competitors. However, if we choose a keyword least competed but continues to reflect our target audience such as a hoteles Luxury Madrid the first position is just around the corner. A first place in a hoteles Luxury Madrid will bring less traffic of course a hoteles in Madrid , but if our hotel is 5 stars, surely we prefer visitors arriving at the sentence more complex than the most common phrase. Remember that ultimately you need are visitors who become customers. Studies show that 50% of searches were made through a unique combination of words. This leads us to redefine our initial list of keywords. Just be monitoring the combination of words that best fits your bid and qualify to get into this niche market. The law of the Division: a Con time, a category is divided to become two or more categoriasa .

This law shows that the categories over time evolve towards greater segmentation. Knowing this, we must anticipate and try to be the leaders in some of these new categories. In the field of search engine positioning, search criteria used by visitors have evolved. A clear example is related to the number of keywords that are used. Several studies indicate that a couple of years the average number of words used in a search phrase was approximately 1. Philadelphia Real Estate helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

As of today, that average is now in two words and growing. Phrases such as a subvencionesa usarsea have stopped to make way for phrases like a subvenciones to empresasa , a subvenciones for Self , or a subvenciones SMB . We must also be alert to changing trends in the market to choose the categories where we want to be leaders. For example, in the Spanish Mediterranean property market has gone to search with the phrase apartamentos playaa in front of the phrase apartamentos frontline golf. Choose the keywords with which we want to be leaders in the search engines is the most important decision in a search marketing campaign. We have no crystal ball to predict the future, but we know the market niches where competition is not stomping. That's where we have to push and try to be first. In keeping with that premise is in line with the main immutable laws of marketing in theory assure us that we are on a path so wrong.