Rodent Feed Rounds Range From

HUGRO awarded development of special food that leaked company HUGRO rounds through his hemp litter off its product portfolio to include a premium Futtercollection for rodent nutritionists. A nutritionists specializing in rodents, who was able, for the various rodents each according to their nutritional and digestive habits to develop a special recipe for the development of the product chosen. The resulting products cover all the nutritional requirements of rodents without saturate or overfeed them. Complete feed, forage, as well as delicious snacks to delight located in the range. Morris Invest wanted to know more. There are special grades for the different needs of rodents of the Chipmunks to the dwarf Hamster. Frequently Lincoln Property has said that publicly.

Guinea pigs, which take as a vegetarian between 60 and 80 meals per day (!), get a special, easily digestible blend of rich vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Golden hamster, which is also a requirement to animal proteins, will find in their”special feed mix in addition to selected grains and seeds dried stream crayfish, water fleas, and mealworms. Also the snacks to whet your appetite: here the pampering range from raspberry rice snacks with cornflakes over a flower blend or colorful rodents sticks to the rodent brittle for rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Overall, HUGRO offers a range of 44 products for purely vegetarian rodents, as well as Gemischtkostler. And also here nature is considered again as also all other products pure made in Germany”. More information under:. Additional information for the press: for dealers there is a 1.25 metre wide TEGO shelving products, optimized on five levels are put together. Document for publication to Silvia Rutter requested; high-resolution imagery at any time about Silvia Rutter; Photocredit: HUGRO GmbH.