PCs Vesta Construction

The most comfortable is an area of 35 m2 per vehicle, and the minimum allowable – 27 m2. Prefabricated buildings allow construction of the premises of almost any size. Standard frames from the metal structure can be connected to each other that allows us to obtain the required area. The big advantage prefabricated buildings, based on the metal frame is no need for welding work: installation of structures by means of bolts. Because of this, buildings can held in any village or outside it, where there is a complex and bulky equipment.

As the sheathing frame used roof and wall sandwich panels – product consisting of two sheets galvanized or painted steel and a layer of insulation. With this design, they have the strength, resistance to external influences and low thermal conductivity. The last property is very important when building large buildings, for equipment for heating during the cold season and cool to warm – a major cost item. Of course, no air conditioners and radiators can not do: they just needed for smooth operation salon. However, with good heat insulation is quite possible to save on electricity – it will require significantly less than the permanent buildings of brick or concrete. In addition, sandwich panels are available in various colors, make it possible to design a memorable show. It can be corporate colors-seller or just the original decision, which is attracting the attention of potential customers.

pc Vesta Complete manufactures prefabricated buildings of various sizes and configurations. Own production, professionals, and extensive experience allow the company to occupy leading positions in the construction market. In addition to standard models of the enterprise makes kits for individual orders. According to the customer in the delivery may include windows and fire doors and gates manufacture PCs Vesta. Use of complete pre-fabricated buildings can reduce construction time and equipment dealership with all necessary systems and communications. This means that only a few months of your new center for selling and servicing cars will already be fully operational, attracting more and more new customers.