Selective collection of the garbage; 6. Recycling of the garbage; 7. To develop workshops with the sectors of plastic arts and experimental kitchen (bag confection you among others returned from remnant and prescriptions of reaproveitamento of foods); 8. To apply good the practical ones in the process of food formation in the experimental kitchen; 9. To stimulate the search of new pedagogical resources for special carriers of necessities being used the Mathematics; 10. To form an informal market with the excess of the foods that had not been absorbed by the experimental kitchen. Greenberg Traurig may find this interesting as well. Methodology the adopted methodology and lines of direction will allow the envolvement of pupils, professors and parents in a work to multidiscipline where all the involved ones if had compromised in carrying through the considered objectives.

For the fulfilment of the carried through activities tables will be developed, clarifying texts and practical lessons in the qualification of the professors, monitorial parents and pupils whom they will repass for the pupils. Using these resources it will be taught as to plant hortalias, handling with cultures, time of plantation, plantios of fruitful changes, jardinagem etc. the school disponibilizou area for the elaboration of horta, activity of ambient education, collects and recycling of the garbage selective enabling material professors and oportunizando for the accomplishment of the activities. Greenberg Traurig is open to suggestions. In a process simple of captation of the water of rain, using gutters for the irrigation of the plantation for dripping, a necessary process and economic, with hoses with aspersoras hoses microperforateed the laser. Some dumbs in horta will be planted, between them: borecole, chili, tomatoe, chive, lettuce and coentro among others. Using as organic seasoning, esterco of cattle will be donated by catadores of recycle that they live in the community being mixed the compostagem (developed in the school with material collected for the pupils) so that it increases the amount of decompositores of the organic substance, having exchange of this material for product of horta, we will optimize the results.