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Exclusive real estate Marburg Marburg are in the trend of real estate agents: despite the financial crisis are exclusive property of Marburg in the trend, this confirmed Realtor Marburg Joachim Luigs, Managing Director of the company of Luigs real estate Marburg. Often it is a pair in the second half of life, so-called empty nesters”, who would physically changed after the exodus of the children and enjoy more comfort. Interested parties when selecting their real estate Marburg firstly on the object position, second on room layout and facilities, and thirdly on the resale value of the property of Marburg. While running exclusive penthouse in 1a located downtown Marburg Meanwhile the country house Villa in single vineyard real estate Marburg rank down. The inner-city locations remain sought after real estate Marburg, above all the Marburg South District, where mainly new buildings with high quality designer furnishings or Classic old buildings are needed. Regardless of the location in Marburg is not the purchase of high-priced real estate but also an emotional decision, taken solely on yield considerations, Joachim Luigs, Realtor Marburg stresses. Thus is the challenge in communicating often in addition to the search wishes regarding location, architecture, at an early stage to capture individual selection factors of the prospective facilities and resale value and offering to match. REALTOR Marburg Luigs has successfully focused on providing exclusively high-quality real estate Marburg within Marburg urban real estate Marburg. Contact: Luigs real estate Marburg Mr Joachim Luigs Wattle gate 28 35037 Marburg Tel: 06421-4071803 fax: 06421 4071803 Internet: