Lake Property

Holiday house area of 50 square meters. m, near lake, you can buy for around 40 thousand euros. The house area of 100 square meters. m with a loft of 40 acres of land – over 100 thousand euros. In this case, the same property is located on the 1 st line of the lake will cost 2-3 times more expensive.

The quality of houses and infrastructure component is usually an order of magnitude than the Russian counterpart. Much depends on the district, location, infrastructure and landscaping. In the Finnish outback small house is worth 15-20 thousand euros. Relatively inexpensively from 25 thousand euro for 30 meter studio apartment acquisition cost, of course excluding the and several major cities, prices are comparable to St. Petersburg.

It is also possible to take ownership of the shares carrying a right to long-term lease apartments, for this is acquired stake in the company that owns the apartment house, at 12-15 thousand euros. If money for the purchase is not enough, the real solution for you will be mortgage lending in the Finnish bank. You become the owner of undeveloped land, the value of such land starts from 1000 euros for a hundred and get the credit for his pledge to build. For customers in Russia the rate on the loan will be from 4 to 9% apr. Himself credit issued for a period of 5 to 25 years. Quite accessible and profitable, taking into account the factor that the construction cost of his own home is about 2000 euro per sq m, thus saving 10 to 20% money would be spent for direct purchase.