Imperial Palace

Here we set the ice sculptures and compositions from the snow. In his time at the park you could see Buckingham Palace (12 meters in height), Taj Mahal Palace and the main Okinawan Shuri Castle Complex. The capital of Tokyo – the most visited tourist city in Japan. Must see the Imperial Palace (formerly Edo Castle), the temple Tosegu, the Tokyo television tower (height – 333 meters) skyscraper Sunshine City, old parks – Rikushen, with regular exhibitions chrysanthemum, known for its pagodas and temples Shiba Park. In the city of more than 30 museums, the most interesting of them – The National Science Museum in Ueno Park, the Historical Museum , Tokyo National Museum, National Museum Modern Art Museum of Kite, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Idemitsu with a collection of paintings and calligraphy. Pride of Tokyo – Disneyland, created in the image of California.

It opened in 1983 and the number of rides and brightness now surpasses its American counterpart. In 2002, close to Disneyland opened Disney Sea, on marine topics Walt Disney cartoons. Hakone – a popular resort on the island Honshu, which is famous for its hot springs (onsen) and the extraordinary charm. In a number of hotels in Hakone arranged entire cascades rotenburo – bathing in the open air, lying in which one can simultaneously enjoy the magnificent views of mountains and valleys. Fuji – a symbol of Japan. This is one of the most beautiful sleeping volcanoes in the world.