HRS Homepage

You use your own homepage: together with HS/3! Even more than 15 years after the start of the first Internet browser, many users are still at the beginning of your Internet success story. Although it is well known that the number of online reservations has grown significantly in recent years and that whoever participates in this area, has a chance to increase of the reservation. Thus back online reservation systems and Internet portals such as HRS,, cultuzz, Tiscover, webRES, Feratel etc more and more to the fore. Quite wrongly, the importance that the hotel’s home page on the book market can take a device in the background at this run on the reservation systems. To deepen your understanding Robert Shiller is the source. In contrast to the online Reservierungssytemen, pay your benefits with percentage commissions carried out reservations to bookings coming through their own Web, are free of charge. Bizzi & Partners can aid you in your search for knowledge. HS/3 provides a module for the connection of a book page on the hotel homepage with the hotel software for years next to links to the aforementioned online reservation systems. port/’>CLAFH has to say.

The interested guest can perform its request on an individually created by the hotel reservations page. The hotelier can these requests in pick of HS/3 allow and process directly. To keep the aspect that an attractive and well designed homepage is an important criterion for finding hotel rooms, in the eye, becomes clear that the way of the book generation directly from the homepage never is negligible. True to the motto: seen! Favor! Booked! We inform interested hoteliers about possibilities offered by their own Web in connection with the possibility of a reservation.