Housing Expenses/Tax Savings

Who have recently acquired or sold real estate, and especially those who took a mortgage, certainly in the selection faced with the question: “How many years in her own apartment?” It would seem – what’s the difference? A difference there. The fact is that if the property belongs to the owner less than 3 years, then the owner will have to pay income tax after the sale. True, not the whole amount, but only the amount exceeding 1 million rubles. For example: You have received inheritance in the past year and now have decided to sell this apartment. Let’s say you sold it for 2.5 million rubles. Since this apartment belongs to you less than 3 years, with amounts exceeding 1 million rubles, and in this case, 1.5 million rubles will need to be pay 13% income tax, amounting to 195,000 rubles. Agree that such amount any seller does not want to pay. But what? There are two ways: 1.

raise the price to the buyer on the amount of tax 2. evade taxes, specified in the contract purchase price within the exempt amount, ie 1 000 000rubley. If you buy a house for their own money, to understate the value of the contract by and large problems do not amount to, but if you have a mortgage, you should check with the bank will go whether he is an understatement. A number of banks in this procedure is quite loyal. “But what about security for taking a loan?” – You ask.

The fact that the loan agreement, the bank indicates that credit is given to purchase houses at a price equal to one million rubles, and also to carry out repairs and other works are inseparable in this room. Thus, the loan document is divided into 2 parts. One goes to the sales contract, and the second like how to repair. Shopping Tips: if you purchase a home with the understatement of the real value, make sure you take the seller two receipts. The first to receive the money in the amount specified in contract of sale – it sold for an apartment, and the second receipt to receive money for repairs and other permanent improvements in the apartment. Documented, it looks so that you are buying an apartment and more the seller give money to it in the apartment made repairs to the amount received. This is to ensure that you have on hand were proof of receipt by the seller of all real money. Because if a deal invalidated or terminated, the seller must return the money, and if the sale is worth a million, and more is no mention of the receipt of other money is not, then he will return just one million, and the rest will have to sue, and without much chance of success.