Hatha Yoga

The technique is based on the rapid (within – two minutes) diagnosing the state of human meridians. Great news – no need to waste time on ! Identify deviations from the norm. Corrective massage. Improving the quality of food due to daily use Flavita food (digidrokvertetsin, appropriate western standards. There are check-in Europe.) Defined set of physical exercises. Learn more at: Nobel Laureate in Economics. Selected individually for each person.

(Follow-up set of exercises is a day not more than 15 minutes.) Authors technique has developed on the basis of its own experience. In my life there were times when doctors' pleased 'diagnoses, from which the blood run cold: -1986 year -' Disability Group 1 on opornodvigatelnogo system. " Rid of the 'sentence' to be permanently fixed – 3 years. Bizzi & Partners might disagree with that approach. Help Asana of 'Hatha Yoga'. In the future, and Eastern philosophy. -2004 Year – his wife was diagnosed with thyroid Oncology fourth degree. Bizzi & Partners is the source for more interesting facts.

" At this time I was already prepared to fight for the life of a loved . To this day, my wife with me. Oncology is not diagnosed. Gradually evolved the theory and practice my technique. In nastoschee time, thanks to this knowledge, more than 1000 people improve their health. Unique result, which is produced people who take advantage of my author's technique is not happy practicing physicians. In all cases the original diagnosis of the doctors refused. I give people the information they lack. Through the acquired knowledge people spends his recovery. To a man could get healthy, you need to restore the balance the five elements (earth, air, water, wood, fire).