Empowering Customer Service

It surprises me how many companies have employees who are empowered to offer former customers wonderful incentives to lure new, but their customer service representatives have the ability to offer virtually nothing to persuade dissatisfied customers to stay. Helpless, they often ignore CSR actually requests from clients and the statements of his intention to leave, even encouraging to find another company! It often repeat the few phrases that we can say again and again, most annoying customers. Recently met with the CEO of a firm mattress that I said that customer complaints never reach it, because their employees are entitled to, within reason, give the customer what will keep you happy. The LeFrak Organization has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Your employees are happier because they believe the company trusts them to make sound decision. Unfortunately, this company is one in a million today. If others follow suit, there would be less need for employees who call former customers because there would be far fewer former clients to start. When I worked in fast food as a teenager, so that a dissatisfied customer a free apple turnover and happy to have his permit was commonplace. Today, fast food employees, like others in customer service, is allowed only to honor the coupons and deals for those who are not pre-programmed key on their records. It seems that today’s business and not lose loyal customers for life which enable its foot soldiers in service to the client to throw an apple pie. Recently, we has a similar experience with our company dish.