Education In Values

To educate in values requires the application of a serious, constant and methodical effort of all the society to obtain in the individual a formation that fulfills the useful, lasting requirement of and being appreciated by the people and the estates like necessary, beneficial and worthy to be maintained in the time. It is precise that he responds to an action planned from the State and in which must be obtained the commitment of, at least three fundamental actors: the family with its formative dedication from the early stages of the childhood; the school with its methodology and oriented Didactics to make emphasis in the development of its students like human beings and the same individual like main person in charge of its own education. In what it has failed until now the family? The family has failed in several essential aspects related to her sagrada responsibility of being the first school and the first source of knowledge for those who increase in their sine and have in her to his first teachers, his first education and the first light that will illuminate the ways that are to journey during all their life. As educator the family must review its behavior and improve it. There are some areas here in which it will have to do it: 1. The members of the family and, especially the parents and, generally the adults must include/understand that the children learn by imitation and not only the behaviors of the majors record but they try to act like them. Read additional details here: John Savignan. An honest person must have healthy behaviors but she must worry still more to put them in practice ahead the minors so that these have a mirror in which to watch itself and, this way to draw up to a route of action in agreement with the moral and the healthy customs.

2. The family must have a total coherence between the plagued speech of good advice and practical prohibitions and their behaviors in the daily life. Don’t mention it she serves saying and doing. A lack of congruence in this flat one will only lead to the confusion that the small ones will solve of simple and practical way when taking care of what their parents MAKE instead of put in practice which the parents SAY. 3. Re is important to assume the responsibility that it has before the society and God in the sense of being the people in charge of the raising, which is absolutely non-transferable. By circumstances of life modern both parents have gone to sector productive to offer his force of work and work of support of children has be delegated to relative or to the same employee domestic, who is the one that spends major time next to the minors and the one that in last its scale of values with the aggravating one transmits of which it does not have, – nor it must why have, pedagogical and methodologic pretensions that it allows him to train better citizens and citizens.