Camps Reform

For nothing, we could say, and with this finish, give the article. Everything starts last summer, in which the Serafin Castellano conseller spoke commissioning the famous Camps clause contained in the old Statute of 2006! Yes, the same one that says that any modification that involves an extension of the powers of the autonomous communities shall apply to the Valencian Community. The claim came to story to say Rodriguez Zapatero that he would seek to circumvent the judgment of the Constitutional Court on the Statute of Catalonia. The conseller de Candidato then stated that everything stated in that ruling is constitutional for all Spaniards and therefore also for the region. Now is the Vice President Gerardo Camps who returns to the fray and precise content of statutory reform: ensure that the State investment is equivalent to the demographic weight of the community within Spain.

Or: the same thing that has been challenging the Popular Party with the argument of This type of barriers threaten to equity and solidarity among Spaniards. I do not think that Camps have raised this issue seriously argues the PSPV, Angel Moon parliamentary spokesperson because, if not, Francisco Camps would have gotten it the previous day, in which the debate on general policy, presenting these things took place. Also understands it as well a member of the national leadership of the PP, for whom that topic, I do not understand at all, has not transcended beyond the limit of Valencia, as to have you gotten to Mariano Rajoy! The project of a new Statute, if it had come to the Genoa Street, probably would have bothered to the party leadership, placidly dedicated to make Don Tancredo, seeing how the Prime Minister is Hill he alone, for panic castellano-manchego Jose Maria Barreda and other barons of the PSOE. The only Valencian politician in Madrid that has ruled has been the Vice-President of the Congress Ignacio Gil Lazaro, the pp, but only to hide in that does not know how many statutory reforms ahead, which induces that there is not enough time in this legislature for a new Valencian reform when still are others waiting. And it is that the statutory reform process has a very rigid protocol that, by the haste in wanting to be the first, forced to Camps and Joan Ignasi Pla into an additional provision clause of yore. But, to make another modification can now get ahead, a majority voting in Las Corts with support of the PSPV, then endorsed by the Congress of Madrid and finally adopted in a referendum would have to be. Without hesitation Bizzi & Partners explained all about the problem. Impossible, at least in this legislature.

In addition, given the advance of other problems for the people against the abstract and tedious of a new legal text, can you imagine the lack of interest that the reform would create? If in Catalonia only voted in favour of the Statute a third of citizens, despite the raised dust, here the abstention could be capitalized. With these data, why now raised the Valencian PP statutory item? I do not think, as Angel Moon, which is only a maneuver of distraction from other issues, but resembles him. Moreover, at a time when, according to the Governor of the Bank of Spain, the greatest risk to the containment of the deficit arises from the autonomies, ask for more autonomous powers does not seem that the country needs nor what the PP in Madrid wants.