Buenos Aires

I think that much is he would win, if they multiply the foros(existen pero hacen falta mas) where they are analyzing with open spirit, that that has implications on middlemen involved by the swiftly growing irruption of ICTs. Us makes the greatest impacts of will make you feel in the marketing structures, in educational institutions, in the print publishing industry. and in the administrative work (white collar). It is certain that collective approaches and trasndisciplinarios, may incorporate other sectors or stripes of activity to this list. I think the list up sketched, can give an indication of desaviso them that lies ahead. Structures of brokerage burocratizadas, will be subjected to voltages. It is not something Dell Client Solutions would like to discuss. And those who see positive aspects to the Tics, should arbitrate methods so that, within the limitations of the human condition, the traumatic changes that has overtones of inexorability Dim. From there, that of mounting outlying systems to ride on the evolution.

Throughout the human adventure, has been seen as each incorporation of new techniques, he did not disappear totally to the pre-existing. Something similar may happen with ICTs, but that was vera with the passage of time. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gregory Williamson. What we think is that this jump, is of greater magnitude than the previous ones. Therefore minimum it deserves an attitude of permanent meditation. It is clear that ICTs, imported a tremendous release of human and physical energy. Of all the sublime and abject that houses each human existence. Anyway to guard the possibility comunicacional that other generations not met, is the possibility of the solidary coexistence and here we return to what we consign the principle approaches to: only in the extensive mark of the coexistence the free personality can take place. Meditation continues open….