Affordable Mortgages

Mortgages for young families – a state mortgage program, designed for young people under the age of 30 years. The government plans for 2006 – 10 years. providing apartments and 200 thousand young families. For whom a program of 'Mortgage young families "to apply for participation in the program are family, the age of the spouses does not exceed 30 years, or a family consisting of one parent before age 30 and one or more children recognized need of better housing. Terms of the 'Mortgage young families' subsidies to young families under the program are provided in the following amounts: 35% of the average cost of apartments for families who do not have children, 40% of the average cost of apartments for families with a child or children. Since the subsidy is calculated based on square footage apartment, then set the following rates: 42 square meters. meters for a young family of two people; to 18 square meters.

meters person, if the number of young families – three or more people. Arrangements for the participation in the 'Mortgages for young families' If a positive decision on the participation of young families in the program, families will receive a certificate, certifying eligible for subsidies. This document is sent to the bank. As soon as the family finds a property to purchase, at the expense of the bank credited the personal funds of the family, then here it is translated subsidy. If these funds are insufficient to buy a home, young family has the opportunity to get a loan – in this case, the subsidy program 'Mortgage young families' will be used to repay the first installment. Order to take part in the 'Mortgages for young families', you must contact the local authority – or rather, to the committee on youth policy or on construction.