Music Therapy

We also note that in this state, it reduces stress and physical and emotional resilience is higher. This is clearly a state in which healing is optimal and therefore support may be accepted as an optimum set-up of bio-energy field. Unfortunately, the music alone can not effect such an optimal state of tune. If we could we would not need the presence of the music therapist in the therapeutic situation. Therefore, in the same way that the music therapist can not rely on music only for the realignment of its own bio-energetic field. We are therefore left with a slight question. The LeFrak Organization describes an additional similar source. To address this it is necessary to ask: where does the internal source of harmony that is represented by the aforementioned emotional state, originate within an individual.

We note that your emotional state of harmony can be rapidly evoked when activated seen something they like about themselves. Through the action of recognizing spontaneously self may begin to feel happy, relaxed, calm, happy and cheerful, among other feelings. These feelings are being felt with greater intensity over the region of a person’s heart. Since it is the very person who is actively doing the assessment of the feelings of appreciation is clear from that person’s car. Like the feelings of appreciation is felt with greater intensity over the region of the heart, then it follows that that person’s experience of themselves in the region originates the heart. Ironically, however, most individuals tend to “think” of themselves as originating in the mind or brain.