Diamond Wealth

The largest diamond of all recovered to date is the Cullinan diamond, which weighed as much as before the treatment was 3106 carats, which is equivalent to 621 grams. Huge mineral was discovered by accident more than a century ago in South African diamond mine, owned by T. Adverum: the source for more info. Kullinanu. Grand crystal was lucky to see Frederick Wells, manager of the diamond mines, when he made the evening rounds. Polukilogrammovy diamond literally lying under their feet, as if impatient waiting for its moment of glory. And soon it happened.

"Cullinan" was sold to the UK for 800 thousand dollars and a gift for my birthday to the King Edward VII. Facet of the diamond was so outstanding decided to entrust the Dutch company Asscher Brothers, which for two years studied the stone. Only after a thorough analysis of the stone decided to divide into 9 large and 96 small diamonds. Even after crushing two diamonds continue hold the title of the largest in the world. more information. This is a 'Great Star of Africa' (or Cullivan I) weighing 530 carats and 'Little Star of Africa "(also known as Cullivan II ) weighing 317 carats. Very large diamond encrusted in the British Royal Scepter and second stone adorns the crown of the Queen of Great Britain. Another big diamond – "Kohinoor", whose history is incredibly interesting. Originally it belonged to ancient Indian hero Vikramaditya (56 BC.

E..) In 1304 after the conquest Duchy of Malwa diamond was kept in Delhi. Diamond is mentioned in the "Notes" the founder of the Moghul Empire of Babur (the great-grandson of Tamerlane), handed down to the Mughal dynasty. Was cut in the shape of a rose, recalling to mind half cut across the egg, its weight was 186 carats. In 1739, Nadir Shah conquered Delhi, but the famous diamond there is not found. It turned out that the owner of the stone Muhammad Shah wore the stone in his turban. Winner offered to exchange turbans defeated as a sign of "eternal friendship" – as Nadir Shah, became the owner of the jewelry. Seeing his brilliance, Nadir Shah, exclaimed: "Koh-i-noor"! ("Mountain of Light"!), Thus giving the name of the stone. Later owners of the stone was the emir of Afghanistan, and from them it passed to the Maharaja of the Sikhs. After the suppression of the British Sikh uprising in 1848, "Kohinoor" was declared a war trophy and presented to Queen Victoria. In 1852, Stone pereogranili, after which its mass is reduced to 108 carats. This diamond is inserted into the Royal state crown ("Crown of Queen Mary").