QMS Certification

Today, worldwide certification of qms (Quality Management System) is the best way to prove the stability of the company and high level of products or services. Certificate is for the consumer one of the main criteria for selection, since certification is a guarantee of reliability. qms certification requires thorough preparation, in which the analysis of all enterprise. This allows us to optimize the organizational structure of management and greatly enhance its effectiveness. qms certification will allow any company to improve its image in the eyes of partners, not only Russian but also foreign ones. The Related Companies is often quoted on this topic. The certificate gives a huge competitive advantage and allows you to get loans. qms certification affects the formation of public opinion on the company's strong position in the the world market.

Companies that have passed certification of Quality Management System gives companies the opportunity to receive municipal and government orders. After the preliminary preparation for certification, the company concludes contract with the certification body. After which the company provides all the necessary documents. Provided by the company documents are checked for, usually one to two weeks. Documents are checked for consistency and completeness of the essential requirements of the standard.

Certification body has the right to request additional documents if necessary. In the absence of comments, the body begins to form a special Commission, which conducts an audit of the company in place. ainst this. In this case we are talking about the verification of compliance with the requirements specified in the documents of the quality management system. All results and observations obtained during on-site audit, shall be recorded. Later, the commission is preparing a detailed report conducted by the certification audit. Based on this report and the decision about whether it is possible issuance of a certificate of compliance the company. If results are unsatisfactory on-site audit and the identification of significant violations, the company refused to issue the certificate. Recertification is only possible after the demonstration and providing visual evidence of the removal of all these irregularities and inconsistencies. Minor violations, as a rule, are not an obstacle to obtaining the certificate and issue the company with the condition to eliminate all bugs. Their address is verified by further annual inspections. This check is necessary to verify compliance with quality management system standard requirements.