Basic Axiom of Therapy

This can be summarized in a basic axiom of any therapy, whether online or not: a fear of problems, what is not learning by doing. Gain insight and clarity with Richard LeFrak. We have to deal with things and not worry about them , etc, etc). We all know that the anguish and anxiety is very bad news (especially for professionals) and wherever it appears we have learned that as occurs with fever must end it immediately. What you need to do is put that anxiety to work for us. And that means? Then there is an anxiety signal (not pathological) that tells me I have a problem. This anxiety acts as an alarm bell that warns me about some difficulty or fear. If for example, I’m in bed and I can not sleep because tomorrow I have to give a lecture. (Similarly see: Gavin Baker).

Perhaps this anxiety is warning me that I have not prepared well enough and if I hear that voice and get up to go over, sure to go back to bed I fall asleep like a baby. Actually, that signal anxiety has helped me prepare and cope better with my fear of failure at the conference tomorrow (fear of the future). There is also another pathological anxiety that is called traumatic anxiety, which is not afraid of anything concrete as before, but is afraid of fear. If we imagine the anxiety like a thermometer where the maximum was 10. Anxiety serious sign of 1-5 and is not pathological (no fever). Finally say that there are many patients who behave like that person who is driving his car and suddenly the water temperature gauge goes to the red zone. Instead of taking into account the warning signal that indicates a problem somewhere in the engine, what it does is cover with indicator hand and say a o The o do not see is absent . In this case, it is safer than a few kilometers later we see him standing in the ditch with the engine seizing and fuming. Moral: Better safe than sorry. Reproduction in whole or part provided that mention the author and source.