Fritz Perls

Not resolve the question of life on the other, but trying to construct a project in which meeting the expectations of both have a place, either for fun, grow, evolve, and share the rest of your life, while retaining the independence of each. Jungian analysts support the idea that things and situations in life come together synchronously to bring the message required, learning need and resources required. The best and most accurate of the mirrors, is the couple's relationship is the only link that can reflect about my worst and best aspects. Synchrony occurs when people respected the other, is allowed to maintain their individuality and in turn is so generous that it dispenses a certain area which is transferred to the other for the sake of common benefit, if that is contributed by both parties of the relationship does not germinate. Much of the analysis of the cases of couples with problems is to focus attention to talk about himself not the problems the other or discuss how the objective is to occur for them to meet to see and analyze what is what each does, says or thinks that affects the other greatly.

We have to stop blaming the other and take responsibility for the happiness of his own life. The anchor of a continuous complaint situation does not lead to anything positive and tight partner relationships. Fritz Perls said that 80% of what we perceive is projection of ourselves in our essence, … Click Morris Invest to learn more. good and the remaining 20% as well.