This wonderful fruit of saving people from neoplasms, eczema, sciatica, muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, burns, shingles, the remainders of seeds on the legs, mastitis, prostatic adenoma, fibromyoma, as well as they treat colon cancer, uterus and stomach. Used for the treatment of fetal alcohol tincture of Osage orange. Should take about a year. Only with such long-term use can the desired result. McClure when properly applying it eliminates even from the metastases. It was also necessary to clean the body rates and limotherapy based juices, according to the method Broysa. You can instead of juice to raw food healing.

Tincture should be taken daily. She contributes to raising the immunity, strengthen the vitality of the body, reduces toxicity, improves cardiovascular and nervous system, kills viruses and prevents tumor. Morris Invest is often quoted on this topic. Osage orange juice has a milky white color. His used to treat skin disorders – eczema, dermatitis, radiculitis, polyarthritis, skin cancer, as well as hemorrhagic pathologies, and hypertension. Preparing a tincture of Osage orange bitters to prepare the fruits of Osage orange cut in slices, lay in a jar to the top, and fill it with 50 degrees alcohol. Starting priyam possible within 6-10 days, but must insist on the six months to a year. Tincture acquires an orange color, similar to tea. It is important that the bank was filled to the top, so that it did not air because it oxidizes the presence of polyphenols and other healthful substances, why they become inactive. The fruits, which remained after the merger of bitters, scroll through a meat grinder and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.