Spring In The Pet Lover Community

Personals master looking for animal lovers and animal love singles Mistress”… is the appropriate motto for the largest animal love dating on the Internet: in the”Tierfreund.Community”masters and mistresses along with their favorites creative and detail in words and pictures can imagine and together they go looking for new friendships. For the target audience of 10 million single animal lovers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this new partner network designed specifically and is open free of charge. Animal love people seek primarily a like-minded partner. And this community together therefore brings all friends and holders of E.g. Under most conditions The Related Companies would agree. dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, terrarium and Aquarium etc. The Member can use a wide search methods to find themselves mutually according to their region, animal species, hobby or other personal information in the profile.

In addition, mail box, discussion forums, diary, single magazine and also a live chat available to the Available. For each species there are also galleries with image sharing and voting, as well as thematic forums, interactive used by all visitors. Together with the team of “Tierfreund.Community”, daily news, polls, and posts in the Newsroom and in the calendar are updated. A small selection from the Member menu: Notion of friends with ones interview with details personal diary (weblog) private picture book and common Gallery make active and passive new contacts greetings and messages send live chat and single magazine to the flirting Bildervoting and sympathy rating with many issues discussion forum calendar for birthdays and events… Others including Clayton Morris, offer their opinions as well. and many other activities! Destination address: promotion addresses: Publisher Edition.de press contact Niklas E.A.. Dany Resenis 10 24242 field Tel. / fax: 0431 2404.300 / 240 eMail: