Red Object

key: subjectivity, individual, Red as the sky. Introduction This article has the pretension to reflect sobrequestes related to the concept of subjectivity in the universe of psychology aluz of the vises of Gonzlez Rey (2004) and Hisses Lane (2002). Pontua algunsaspectos of the Red film As the Sky, in the attempt to relate the theory to the practical one. We will see, therefore, as asubjetividade goes gained space and, leaving of the agreement of such concept, it becomes to emerge the valuation of> particular experiences of eindivduos groups with its respective codes and of worlds with different eobjetivos fields. Beyond the recognition of a heterogeneidade inside of a singularity. What in them it is clearly is that we need to understand the subjectivity concept to inside paragarantir an understanding of the meanings constructed for the citizen deuma complexity which is conditional for history and determined by the culture. Subjectivity, a new model the emergency of the subjectivity ocorrequando sciences by itself does not give to account of a bigger universe of the man nocontexto where it lives without making opposition of man x object.

Rey (2004), nosseus studies on the Emergency of the Citizen and the subjectivity go in saying queos to them to know in different fields had not obtained more to legitimize to its rules universal porfilosofias of history. For the author, they had lost legitimacy osdiscursos totalizantes and universal and that practical the scientific ones, polticasmodernas must be thought about terms of a subjectivity. In the several camposdas sciences human beings is observed today a trend in if redefining them discursosem lathe of the truth ideas/falseness, objetividade/subjectivity as formade to bring a new dimension in the subject relation/object. The citizen is it in siou the society, not, exists without the other; objective the object not existeespecificamente without the citizen of it was part: The sensible category allows to visualize aespecificidade of psique human being and to incorporate an attribute to the social one: the cartersubjetivo of the social processes.