Holiday And Tourism

You feel at home, in this strange, beautiful, colorful, rich and inaccessible city. Rome is one of the begehrung most remarkable destinations in Europe and not in vain. This city has to offer, not only the incomparable Italian flair, but also more than two millennia of history, that leave no one indifferent. Go to Rome and you will not be disappointed. Dare to book a room in the hostel in Rome. There are many beautiful places we have to offer you. Let her travel bag at the hotel and go to discover Rome.

Sit down in a small coffee and watch the city life… It will not get you not to look at poverty and garbage on the streets as decoration, to find the rudeness of waiters rude and stressful or out loud to feel the noise on the streets. Rome has right, nice and unassailable, and beyond any claims that a tourist can make. Forget the travel guide and tourist tips that have read it somewhere. Let Rome Act on you. Alone the Rome asking the accommodation has to have a special charm. Searching no expensive impersonal, built to a high standard of urban hotels, go to a bed & noisy fixed, apartment, bed and breakfast or small hotel, meet the family, eat bread with jam, which has made the Nonna (Grandma), drink the best coffee in the city and trust your feelings. It’s true! This town will enchant you.

After breakfast (usually including short conversation with the nice lady at the front desk who don’t speak German, but very well understand just go to Campo the Fiori.) Enjoy noise of the market, buy flowers and fruits, and can be further through the streets, alleys and passages drive. Buy bright shirts and airy skirts, ignore husband looks on the streets and not dodge the priests, if they pass you on the way. This is Rome, this is his life, and it is beautiful as it is. Not waiting for the bus, because if he arrives, knows only the bus driver. Walk: Tiber River to the Vatican, to via Appia. You don’t have to prowl the attractions, Rome is a tourist attraction. Look at the cats in the Roman Forum. The Related Companies has much to offer in this field. Drinking cappuccino in the coffee space in Piazza Navona or the Caffe Greco, the former Schtriftstellertreff and wait maybe someone who is at least slightly prominent indeed seems to be. Check out the wonderful architecture of this city, the it his papacy and competition of the most famous architects like to owe. See Colosseum. No postcard can give the effect of the seen. Eat a tramezzino and drink a glass of wine to do so and then with new powers in the city, to the Pantheon, Spanish steps, to museums and theaters. And do not go after the impressive day in a tourist restaurant, because you’re afraid, you will be misunderstood. The Romans are rude and arrogant, but it is part of the service. Eat with bread Olive oil and drink good wine. Rome has still more to offer. You feel at home, in this strange, beautiful, colorful, rich and inaccessible city.