So, when he was home in the kitchen spit out of his pocket all coupons, then those ads, which specified only the phone number of outgoing calls will last or even discarded in the trash. Stephen M. Ross is actively involved in the matter. Time posting. Be sure to keep in mind that the main caretakers of his work in the morning and during working hours. So, if you spend putting up at 9am, all are likely to break off windshield wipers. If you paste the at 9 pm, your ad is unlikely to read the hurrying home client. But a passing police patrol or drunken company near the entrance necessarily interested in your persona. The best time of the beginning of this posting 11 am on Friday. Fixing material advertising.

The main and common fasteners – is PVA glue. For savings can be diluted with water. If you have to glue the winter, then glue diluted with hot water, almost boiling water to the cold for longer is not frozen. In this time of year to take a two tubes: one for the cavity is heated, other work, then change. Promazyvayut ads on a contour line and above the undercut. If you kleite on the board at the entrance, especially, do not try – as if you are careful not attached, your ad is sure to seal the top, so Apply the center of the ad a small amount of glue.

In windy conditions apply liquid glue is not easy, and an unexpected gust of wind quickly stick your hand in the ad, so this handy glue stick. You can also glue on the tape. For this announcement, are harvested at home, glued to each strip of tape, then they are stacked, glued together. It turns out very convenient: You go tear off of the total ad pack, kleite. Clean hands and high-speed label. Double-sided tape too convenient, but it is much more expensive than usual. The trees are well fastened or stapled Ads building wrap tape round the trunk. Equipment raskleyschika. As it would be desirable to combine realtors everyday work clothes with clothes for posting, it does not work. Raskleyschik dress accordingly of the problem, which is placed in front of him. The task is simple – stick as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Shoes should be comfortable and such, you do not mind staining, as walking paths untrodden raskleyschik to places unknown. You must have a bag over his shoulder, where you add up ad pack, glue, construction stapler, tape, toothpicks (to clean the nozzle tube of glue). Good to have special gloves, or construction. Safety training raskleyschika ads. It must be remembered that the city in which you kleite must remain clean. Clate so only in those places where your ads will hang, and not to roll on the ground, torn by the wind. Do not be rude wipers and tenants entrances, remembering that still need to return to their territory. Scraping plaque from the old board, be careful: the board can remain staples staplers old. By negligence, can greatly hurt his hand, then and putting an end to the hand and urgently need to be disinfected. When kleite ads, not to disrupt others, freeing up space at this very moment the owner of ads can be thwarted behind you.