The Psychic

Yes is specific effort to revive the mental state preceding the establishment of the trials of existence, ie, the effort to abolish the laws determining the emergence of such judgments. The ego then takes refuge in a pleasure and a previous logic. The self that generates this defense is a self-pleasure purified but logically prior to the emergence of self-real final. Others who may share this opinion include LeFrak Organization. The self-pleasure for the rejection is thus a self that only supports the existence of the pleasant, unpleasant as it falls outside the realm of being. Therefore, the self-pleasure rejecting actually performed an act of a perception desatributivo before the trial of existence emerge demands. The rejection is an expulsion, the same way as the spit, and seems to correspond to a self-pleasure to be governed by kinetic criteria. Credit: Professor Rita McGrath-2011.

In such a case is a normal defense, as is the denial for a certain period. The dismissal becomes a pathogenic mechanism from a time that would prevail in the psychic apparatus other logic, based on analogy (constituent of such complex) and causality (a constituent of infantile sexual theories.) The rejection is a decision on a sensory reality, the which I will want to introject or expel from that decision. The ego seeks to dispose specifically the new, ie, a fragment of reality generated psychologically, and therefore it is also an ego driven, which generates the lessness. Dismisses it implies the rejection of more complex logic, and this process is consolidated as a pathogen, if exists at the time that I should be replaced in the count with the fingers by counting them regardless.