Diamond Cutting

It is necessary to immediately discard the illusion of an opening to do with amplification without the noise and dust (not dirt). It all depends on where you're going to do the opening. In the new building, into residential accommodation, office and so on. Material and thickness of the wall (brick, concrete, reinforced concrete). What further or concurrent jobs except for diamond cutting of the opening will be held (amplification of the opening, various predremontnye work) and of course, the availability of funds. Professor Rita McGrath: the source for more info. In new buildings and in non-residential premises undoubtedly beneficial dry diamond cutting shlitsefrezerom. It allows you to cut the wall up to 20 cm in thickness and quality of 'wet' (diamond cutting wall saws that cut through the wall) it does not concede, and costs less to order.

For example, the standard aperture dry cutting at 15 cm concrete wall at an average cost $ 150, and 280 cu wet The presence of dust and noise is inevitable, but as a non-residential premises the problem solved itself. Another thing when cutting takes place in a residential area within the walls of a thickness exceeding 20 cm, although there is a big 'NO'. If you have a wall thickness greater than 20 cm and scares you dust or noise from the work of cutting and you only need to cut the gap, the 'wet' cutting, course is at the top of your choice. Virtually no dust (the presence of mud depends on the integrity of the workers), but still noise after the gap will be cut is inevitable, as the concrete slab must also be broken down into parts that need to be taken out of the room. Of course, this is not such a long sound when cut dry method (cutting grinder noise), but still it would have taken into account. Another 'NO' – this is the next enhancement of the opening. Here you will not sound avoided during the preparation of the metal and during the installation of the gain, but if the gain is placed flush to the wall, and dust from the cutting of the walls is inevitable! You just have to make a choice. Where to apply diamond drilling wall saw machines: – If the expansion gaps of 5-10 cm – in the embrasures with preamplification at the edge of the opening – in panel houses the standard series, where the power grid is limited – an insignificant amount of work