Summer Vacation

Not only since American Pie, the youth of today know that you can have fun at summer camp. Finally, the best time of year has nothing to do with the local Posausenchor, but really offers a lot of fun and action. Those who have no desire to finally experience what many peers together? Be it on the pony castle in Boitzenburg on which Rupertushof in Abtenau (Austria) or on the beach in Italy or Spain. Together, the holiday but just much more fun. But what can a Supervised youth holiday offer rather more, than go with Papa and Mama in the House of Grandpa and Grandma? One question that seems to answer even for the novice quite simple: more fun! Instead of building a sand castle with the parents, there's ne beach Olympics.

And the extra flown in DJ sets to the right sounds. Several youth hotels play the local Volleyball Cup, and the karaoke evening you can before you laugh hardly stand up. Time you will meet new friends and your supervisor are also very cool on it. So what can happen, of course, not only on the beach, but also in the riding or the adventure camp. Not everyone wants to just fry the whole day in the sun, but either has a lot more fun on a horseback or abseil is just better off on a mountain wall. Or have you ever tried in canyoning. Actually, only one walking in the river bed of a river filled with water, but depending on the strength and depth already a pretty hefty challenge in a summer camp. If one has overcome his inner pig dog, but first, we understand not what one has discouraged, not long before so much fun.