Spa Pools for Homes

Pluses collapsible basin 1. Easy and quick assembly and disassembly (can be assembled in one hour) 2. Ease of transport (in the folded state transported in the trunk), 3. portability 4. easy to clean, clean any detergent (except abrasive). Cons collapsible basin 1. film can accidentally break or burn 2. not supplied hot installation of spas Spa, as mentioned earlier in this article, it is especially relaxing form pools.

They do not need to build and install: buy and use. Spa pools are small, they soon can be called a very large bath. The bottom of the spa is equipped with comfortable seats, on each of them contains special massage jets with various relaxing effect. And since the seat can be fixed at different levels of adults and children will feel comfortable. Many buyers are often confused with the concept of so-called spa jacuzzi. The difference between them lies in the fact that in the pools Spa sustained a special healing power pressure – two of the atmosphere, whereas in conventional whirlpool bathtubs (jacuzzi) is rarely more than one.

In addition, in the Jacuzzi uses ordinary tap water, and at Spa, it is filtered to the level of drinking. Housing Pool & Spa made of acrylic resins with special technology, which eliminates the possibility of a bundle. Acrylic surface is "not afraid" exposure to chemicals, bacteria and fat. She opposes ultra-violet radiation, to the same acrylic exposure time almost does not fade. The water in the spa is continuously filtered by: its volume passes through the filter, the pump operates without noise and interruption. In the expensive pools additionally mounted a special tube for silvering the water or water purification system using ozone. Plus 1. Endurance and Strength 2. compactness and portability 3. does not require assembly 4. Easy to clean: clean by any means, 5. heat and frost; 6. comfort, healing effect. Cons 1. high price; 2. additional costs for electricity Well, perhaps that's all. So, you're undecided? Undoubtedly, the safest and most durable pool – fixed. But if the house is already built, or just do not feel like venturing "construction of the century", buy collapsible swimming pool. Well, if you suddenly want to relax, get help spas – compact and convenient massage therapists for the body and soul.