Saint Petersburg

In the center of St. Petersburg can be found cheaper accommodation – from 60 euros per rental per day. A standard single room in a hotel 'Astoria' worth at $ 395, in 'Angleterre' – from $ 325, and without any species on St. Isaac's Cathedral, and even without breakfast. This is your home, it is your private life. Unlike hotels, where every visitor is obliged to celebrate at the reception (and in some hotels in general can not be held in room), renting an apartment, you can invite there any guest at any reasonable time. Apartment – a comfortable home, even for a short time. Unlike typical hotel rooms and hotels, where there are invariably feels like a guest, apartments for rent in St.

Petersburg – is, above all, comfortable accommodation. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert J. Shiller. Typically, apartments are handed over in a short term lease, furnished with everything you need: comfortable modern furniture, kitchen equipped to modern standards (microwave, fridge, stove, dishes), telephone, tidy bathroom. Depending on the class of an apartment there may be air conditioning and High-speed Internet. The big plus apartments in St. Petersburg is the presence in many of these balconies or loggias, a convenient location in the historical center of St. Petersburg, that in itself is valuable (rent luxury apartments for rent – St. Petersburg).

Renting an apartment, you will watch as the VIP-tenant. Contrary to popular opinion, renting apartments in St. Petersburg – it is safe: in many entrances and intercoms installed combination locks, and in luxury buildings, as a rule, there are security guards, lift operators and concierges. Do you have a great opportunity to select an apartment for rent – you can be guided by its taste, flair and purse. Unlike hotels in Saint Petersburg, quantity is limited, short-term rental includes just a huge choice of options and a large range of prices. Pricing depends on remoteness of an apartment from the city center and its class. Luxury apartments for rent, of course, more expensive short-term rental apartments class 'economy' and 'standard', but it's worth it! Apartments for short term lease, located in the historic part of St. Petersburg, has high ceilings, huge windows, thick walls and high sound insulation. Short-term rental apartments in St. Petersburg in the sleeping areas are cheaper but these apartments are usually located in the new houses, have improved the layout, they recently renovated. Renting an apartment in the agency 'Arent' you get all the benefits of apartment rent in St. Petersburg, phone – (812) 715-03-26.