Rights Shares

I do believe that the best gift market and land ownership in Russia, including farmers themselves, who at this very earth work, instead of empty talk about market liberalization, would repeal categories of land, including the very category of agricultural lands. This would accelerate the process of establishing the village of effective owners, many of which scares a strange restriction of the rights of their property, in practice, fortunately hardly realized, would give a powerful impetus to the development of rural areas, would eliminate the corruption in this sphere. But to my knowledge, such a gift us in the near future should not wait. What investors are buying when it comes to purchasing agricultural land? These are only two possible options: purchase land through a land of shares and purchase land from the owner already has the required package of documents confirming the property. The first variant is characterized by the maximum yield, and besides the fact that mutual land suitable for investment field was nearly empty, a high risk. What's the risk? To begin we describe the mechanism for ownership of "units of the earth." It is this: you first buys land shares on the relevant notary certified contract or collect a power of attorney giving the right to enter on behalf of the owners of such contract. And it is not currently, and your trustee exclusively from among the members of the cooperative, on the grounds that he (she) wants to stand out, and which has the same certificate on the land share. Must be notarized consent of the husband to commit the transaction. .