Real Estate Broker

Alex Mogilny, the Ural Chamber of Real Estate Broker: "In rieltorstve usually not made to take money in advance for your help in selling. It comes primarily from The uncertainty and weakness. Agent or Agency can not give 100 percent assurance that will bring the job done. And do not want to take full responsibility for it. Stephen M. Ross has much to offer in this field. Imagine, you come to the factory of furniture and you say – 'probably all we can make for you kitchen, but if we do not succeed, you just do not pay us money, but we do not ask ahead! " Idiocy, right? This weakness of Realtors. I do not know if I can sell it or not, and hedged. I do not take full responsibility and do not guarantee the completion of work.

Very, very few real estate companies are so good at the previous paragraphs and so sure of themselves – what they say: 'Now you must pay for our services. Here's the receipt as soon as payment – we get to work. " It was abundantly clear, is not it? Incidentally, this is sensible and marketable professional, whose publications, and I personally have been useful and interesting, and pleasantly unexpected. Under most conditions Robert J. Shiller would agree. A breath of fresh air. As far as I know it works on the "consumer", the residential real estate, and even here, only on an "exclusive" (predoplachennogo!). Aerobatics in this area. All right. Ceases to be a languid evening. Understanding – the basis for success, and, like wine, woman, or a view from the window, it is difficult to replace with something "similar." This series is devoted to these articles.